Appearances in 2019

BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze live on BNN Bloomberg  on why he’s still bullish on the markets, ((1.22.19).


BNN Bloomberg - David Dietze on the outlook for energy companies and two attractive Canadian energy plays, (1.21.19).


YahooFinance - Should Apple be removed from FA”A”NG? John Petrides discussing investoar concerns for Apple in 2019, (1.17.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the stellar results of recent bank earnings (starts at 6:30 into video), (1.16.19).


CNBC - John Petrides iscussing bank earnings up this week, (1.14.19).


CNBC - David Dietze on the outlook for upcoming bank earnings, (1.11.19, starts at 13:31). 


CNBC - David Dietze on how the government shutdown may affect the financial markets, (1.9.19).


BNNBloomberg - David Dietze on his top picks for 2019, (1.7.19).


CNBC - John Petrides discussing stocks heading into earnings season, (1.7.19).


TDAmeritrade - John Petrides on has the bull market been “reborn"? (1.7.19.).


BloombergRadio -  David Dietze on the investment implications for Apple, China, and Tesla, (1.3.19, starts at 30:34).


FoxBusiness -  David Dietze on Tesla and his top picks for  2019, (1.2.19).


CNBC - John Petrides on what to make of Apple’s revised earnings guidance?, (1.2.19).


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